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*Problem: Fixing Monitor - Video Card - Screen Issues --- The monitor starts convulsing flashing lines, streaks and irratic behaviour.
(Video Card - 7900 GT Nvidia)
Fix: Update Graphics Card and Monitor Drivers & Install the latest Java Update

*Problem: Java Won't update, Won't unzip and stops half way through
Fix: Delete the C:/program files/java folder. If it won't delete, download the great little free program
called unlocker Here and unlock the java folder and then delete it. Try reinstalling the latest Java Here

*Problem: Java not installed error
Fix: Delete all temporary files and cookies in MS Explorer by going to Internet Options

*Problem: Converting Audible audiobook files with the .aa extention to MP3's
get Tunebite "The best legal solution for removing copy protection"
Download link to free version here

*Problem: Microsoft IE Internet Explorer opens links up in Firefox
- Microsofts browser ia always opening links in the browser Firefox -

  1. Click our Start button, then click “Run”.
  2. Type “regedit” into the box and hit Enter. This opens up the Registry Editor.
  3. Drill down the tree on the left pane under HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT until you find the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\ {c90250f3-4d7d-4991-9b69-a5c5bc1c2ae6} entry.
  4. Right click on this entry and choose "delete" Click ok to the box that pops up asking you "Do you want to delete this key and all it's subkeys". This will delete the entry.
  5. Close the registy Editor
  6. Close your browsers.
  7. Go to C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\ieproxy.dll and rename it to " __ieproxy.dll".
  8. Reopen your browser
  9. Download ieproxy.dll here to replace the old one.


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